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Forsythe XR Building Company, LLC is a team of experienced architects and construction professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality results for our clients. We specialize in single-family residences and are committed to providing comprehensive support throughout the construction process.

As-built Survey
Hassle-Free Permitting

Save Time: 4XRBC Accelerates Your Project Kick-Off with Speedy As-Built Surveys.

Design with Precision, Build with Confidence: Visualize Your Project and Build it Right the First Time.

Seamless Permitting Solutions: For Swift Approvals, Harness Our Permit Process Expertise.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

kick-off your project

Elevate Your Builds. Accelerate Approvals.

Transforming Rough Sketches into Permit Approval: Forsythe XR Building Company Provides Precise As-Built Drawings, Comprehensive Design Documents, and a Seamless Journey to Permit Approval, Enabling Faster Project Kick-off.

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Working Drawings

Forsythe XR Building Company produces Engineer-Certified Permit Drawings. The services that we provide are required for contractors and owners to obtain building permits for residential & commercial projects.

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Supplementary Services

In addition to architectural drawings and permit expediting, we offer a variety of services that will help move your project forward, from building envelope condition assessment and consulting to project management and more.

Superior Quality Permit Drawings:
Clear, Organized, and Approved

Our drawings are meticulously crafted, providing clarity, quality, and organization that impresses municipal building departments. With carefully composed layouts, annotations and details, our drawings meet and exceed the requirements set by the Florida Building Code 2020, ensuring a smooth and efficient permit approval process. Trust in our expertise to deliver exceptional architectural permit drawings and make an informed choice for your next project.

Building Department Reviewers Applaud Our Drawings

"This drawing is much more clear and organized than what I'm used to seeing. I wish that other architects would submit plans like this."

- Planning & Zoning, Miami-Dade Building Department, c.o.

Our Process

Our design firm excels in providing seamless residential project services. From as-built surveys to preliminary and finalized drawings, we handle the entire process with transparency and efficiency. With expertise in navigating municipal building departments, we secure permit approvals for your projects, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Build Your Dream Home, One Drawing at a Time With

Forsythe XR Building Company

"Building with the future in mind."

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