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4XR Building Company produces Engineer-Certified Architectural Working Drawings for single-family residences. The architectural drawings that we produce are required for contractors to obtain building permits. Without a permit, construction cannot legally take place. In addition to Architectural Drawings, 4XR Building Company offers supplementary services to the contractor that will propel their construction projects forward.


Remodels & Renovations
Carport & Garage Conversions
New Construction

Window Replacement
Mechanical Plans
Electrical Plans
Plumbing Plans
As-Built Drawings

Property Boundary Survey
Permit Expediting
Product Specifications
Condition Assessment


Home Remodels & Renovations

We make your vision for the remodel or renovation of an existing property a reality. With accurate drawings that reflect your new design goals.

Covered Front Entry Addition

Add a new flare to the façade of your building while providing shelter to occupants at the entrance. We will draw and help with permitting for you new design.

New Construction

Increase the value of your lot by adding a new building. We will help you to create the construction documents needed to build it from foundation to roof framing.

Our Scope of Work

Staying within our typical scope of work allows our team to repeatedly produce approval worthy drawings and get permits.

Home Additions

We work closely with our clients, especially families looking to expand, to bring their visions to life. One of our goals is to support multi generational living.

Carport & Garage Conversions

Increase your properties space by converting an existing carport or garage into a livable area or converting a carport into a garage.


We provide as-built drawings needed to conduct corrections and to communicate them to the building department.

Our Drawings

Take a look at some of these samples of our drawings. Our clients rely on us to produce permit drawings that are clear, concise, and code compliant.

Demolition Plans

Our existing conditions and demolition plan drawings assess the current state of a structure, detailing necessary modifications, demolition procedures, and safety measures for efficient and safe removal or renovation.

Proposed Floor Plans

Our proposed floor plan drawings illustrate the intended layout and spatial organization of a building or space, indicating the arrangement of rooms, walls, doors, and other features in a concise and visual manner.


Our elevations show the external faces of a building from different viewpoints, providing a visual representation of its height, proportions, façade design, and key architectural elements.

Sections & Details

Our sections and detail drawings showcase vertical slices of a building, highlighting internal structures, construction methods, and intricate design elements with precise dimensions and specifications.

MEP Drawings

Our detailed MEP drawings depict the layout and design of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems within a building, including HVAC, electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures, and equipment placement.

Structural Drawings

Our structural drawings, such as the foundation plan and roof framing plan, provide detailed illustrations of the building's foundation layout and the structural components of the roof, including beams, trusses, and supports, ensuring stability and structural integrity.

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