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Bringing the Globe

We're excited to join forces with Bringing the Globe’s Operation: STOP Cyber Harassment program to design more than just structures.

As the designers and hosts of the Bringing the Globe’s sponsorship page for the ongoing Digital Citizen Bootcamp Training, we proudly support Operation: STOP Cyber Harassment’s mission to combat cyberbullying and nurture digital citizenship.

Join Us to Empower All Digital Citizens

Introducing the 4-Week Live Digital Citizen Bootcamp:

Operation: STOP Cyber Harassment’s Digital Citizen Bootcamp Training is more than education; it's empowerment. Students will be equipped with tools for self-awareness, proactive online measures, and addressing social media's impact on mental health. Consequences are emphasized, positive online conduct is promoted, and active participation earns community service hours.


Bringing The Globe

  • Help Prevent cyberbullying

  • Foster Supportive Community

  • Address Cyberbullying, Threats, Mental Health, Online Safety

With your Sponsorship we will


"I am a Digital Citizen"

The concept of digital citizenship emerged as a response to the growing use of digital technology and the internet, particularly in education and youth culture.

Through Bringing The Globe's annual conference and monthly boot camp for teens, Operation: Stop Cyber Harassment aims to promote responsible and ethical behavior online, emphasizing the importance of being a good digital citizen. BTG is committed to providing youth with the tools to advocate for themselves and others online, report online bullying and threats, and cultivate a healthy relationship with technology.

Our Impact

With an average of 59% of teens experiencing cyberbullying and yet only 38% report online threats that they experience or witness, there’s a gap in self-advocacy. Partnering with Bringing the Globe directly contributes to the increased impact of this crucial topic, fostering safer online spaces for young people and equipping parents and teens with effective strategies to navigate the digital landscape responsibly.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Empowering Online Safety & Digital Citizenship

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